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Image by Boris  Smokrovic

Trusted Bee and Wasp Removal in and Around Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg

Expert removal of Honey bees, Wasps, Hornets and Yellowjackets


The Best Honey bee Removal Company in Cincinnati!

Expert Honey bee removal in Cincinnati Ohio and Lawrenceburg Indiana. We specialize in Honey bee colony removal from structures (cutouts) as well as swarm removal. Bees are safely removed and relocated to a local apiary!


The Best Hornet and Yellowjacket Removal in Cincinnati!

Expert removal of Stinging insects from the Cincinnati Ohio and Lawrenceburg Indiana area. Including:

Wasp removal from Cincinnati

Wasp removal from Lawrenceburg

Hornet removal from Cincinnati

Hornet removal from Lawrenceburg

Yellowjacket removal from Cincinnati

YEllowjacket removal from Lawrenceburg

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